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CV (English)

Andrew Perry


I am half English and half Swedish, and have lived in Britain, Sweden and Belgium – and thus grew up on average somewhere in the North Sea. My interests are many and varied; I play the drums, piano and trumpet, work and play a lot with computers, and enjoy social games like board games and role-playing games. I used to tap dance until there were no more tap shoes my size. (Then I continued anyway. Now I tap dance until people tell me to stop.)

Personally I am reliable, calm and a quick learner; honesty and integrity are particularly important to me. I keep a cool head in stressful situations, which proved useful when my grandmother fell and broke her hip a few years ago, and I handle crises well. I enjoy working within clear structures, and whatever I do I try to do it in the best possible way. I enjoy problem solving, and have a knack for finding unusual solutions – I tend to think "outside the box", even if I can't stand the expression itself...

Professionally I like working within clear hierarchies; I enjoy leadership roles, but I'm also good at knowing when to let someone who knows better lead the way. I've tended to enjoy working in jobs related to security and the military, and so particularly enjoyed working at Jane's, where I had the opportunity to combine those interests with my writing hobby.

I am now looking for work particularly in the security industry, but am also interested in other fields such as sales, journalism, the media and music - see "Job interests" further down for details. Education and tech support jobs are also of interest.

Most recently I spent a year and a bit in South Africa with my in-laws so my wife could give birth to our son near her family. We had hoped to return to Sweden soon after the birth, but by the time all the paperwork had been processed he was a year old. Rather than twiddling my thumbs for a year, I took the opportunity to take a few courses and get some unpaid work experience with my father-in-law's security company to get some more security and leadership experience.

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Andrew Perry

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